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Get Prepared

Whether you are a new client to Dwyerlodha or you’ve been coming for years, please use the information here to prepare yourself before coming in for your appointment.

Please fill in the TAX Interview Sheet form so that we would have updated information from you, your family and home addresses along with phone numbers.

Also please find some Common forms used very frequently by most of the Tax Payers before filing Income/Business Taxes.


  • TAX Interview Sheet Form: Gives us updated personal information about you and your family.Download Form
  • Client Tax Organizer: Great Form to summarize about your financial and all kind of income worldwide and deductions too.Download Form
  • Office at Home: Gives us an idea about the usage of your home for your office purposes.Download Form
  • W7-ITIN Application form: Now dependents/Parents can claim their dependents in their Tax return but they have to apply for ITIN number to qualify for Tax deduction.Download Form
  • Power of Attorney: We can represent you at IRS anytime by filling this form.Download here
  • Address change form: If you move or change your address, use this form to file with IRS during the year.Download Form
  • Small Business Deduction form: Great form to track your expenses related to your business specific. This form help the entrepreneur to fill in the different kind of expenses incurred by them during the operation of the business.Download Form

Schedule An Appointment

Now once you filled in the Tax Interview form or other required forms needed to complete your taxes, you can call our office or email us or you can email all the required forms and tax papers so that we can assist you in preparing your taxes.

By Phone: Please call us at 412-269-0499, 24/7 365 days so that we can schedule an appointment over the phone. Our Tax experts will be happy to assist you for your tax issues or filing immediately.

Remote: Please email us or fax us any time 24/7 and 365 days your Tax Papers, Tax interview sheet forms and other schedules so that we can get back to you in 24 hours.

We cover all over USA( 50 nations), Multi-State and multiple countries…..USA, India, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, UK and etc…..

Email: or

Fax: 412-269-2689( Don’t forget to drop an email so that we can collect all the papers and acknowledge you ASAP)

In Person: During Tax Time( Jan to April) we are very busy and do follow scheduling to assist all our valued customers as scheduled in person to our office. We encourage our client to schedule an appointment for WALK-IN person so that they doesn’t need to wait outside. During off season, you can walk-in anytime and we will more than happy to assist you ASAP.

With our archiving capacities and constant education of our staff, monitoring ever changing regulations and global finance requirements we are sure we can be a valuable ally in your expansion.